Bunkhouse Birds

The Triangle 5 Ranchita Bunkhouse in Northeast Tucson
was home for four nights in March 2015. The landscape was desert cactus and the birding was abundant.

The cactus wren is the state bird of Arizona. Here she is bringing back nesting material.

The hole to her right is the nest.


Spring was in the air and courtships were on display.

European Starling
mourning doves







The phainopepla is part of the silky flycatcher family.


They eat mistletoe berries.
Often when they "pass" the seeds,
they stick to the branches of trees and grow new clumps of mistletoe.



Male Gambel's Quail


Quail hang out in a covey that can be up to a dozen or more birds. We saw quite few on the property.


Gila Woodpecker
pronounced Geela

Sharing a treat of Ocotillo flower




male costa's hummingbird




Lesser Goldfinch



purple finches


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