Arizona Castle Loop- March 21, 2014

After some picture taking at the Vulture Gold Mine our guide took us on a desert canyon, back road excursion known as the Castle Hotsprings Loop.

This somewhat desolate 36 mile adventure of mostly graded dirt road runs through several creek beds and river bottoms and right past the old Castle Hot Springs Resort and the edges of Lake Pleasant.

Castle Hot Springs Loop can be reached by taking the Lake Pleasant Road or Castle Hot Springs Road off of Highway 74.


The splendid Saguaro Cactus

Saguaros, is the largest cactus species in the US.

They can grow over 40 feet tall

and can live between 100-200 years.


flowering hedgehog cactus



eastern-patchnosed snake


ocotillo (witches fingers)



under the saguaro







under the blue desert sky


The full story behind the Castle Hotsprings Resort can be found HERE