Saguaro National Park 2016

In 1933 President Herbert Hoover established
this section of the Sonoran Desert
as a US monument.

It was deemed a National Park by Congress in 1994.

The park is divided into two sections,
The Tucson Mountain District (WEST) 15 miles west and The Rincon Mountain District (EAST) 20 miles east of Tucson.

This page documents our drive
through the East Section.

The visitor centers are open 364 days a year
between 9:00am and 5:00pm.
(closed on Christmas)

You can walk or bike into the park 24 hours a day.




The Saguaro (pronounced "sah-wah'-ro")
is the largest cactus in the USA and its
blossom is the Arizona State flower.
The Sonoran Desert is the only place
this unique cactus grows.


The Saguaro grows very slowly but can live for over 200 years.





The distinctive arms begin to form at about 75 - 80 years of age.

They can grow to be greater than 30 feet tall.





The stems of the Saguaro can hold so much water
that after a rain they can weigh up to 5000 pounds.




We drove the the Cactus Forest Scenic Loop Drive
which is 8 miles of a paved, combination one- and two-way road.



There were several trailheads, scenic vistas, and pullouts along the way.





We never did make it to the western portion
of the park other than a drive through to get to
the Sonoran Desert Museum.

Ah well, all the more reason to get back to Arizona.


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