Sanctuary Cove, Tucson, AZ 2016


Connie found this rather amazing place that we just had to check out.




From their web site:
Sanctuary Cove is here for your personal prayer, reflection and meditation needs.

Founded on the principles of oneness, Sanctuary Cove’s primary purpose
is to serve the world community by providing a natural place of peace
and unspoiled beauty that allows visitors the chance to "draw apart" from
the intensity of today’s hectic lifestyle and to reconnect to deeper meaning.



The Sanctuary Cove Labyrinth is a classic, seven circuit style, found in many countries and used by many cultures.

The ancient seven-circuit labyrinth (so called because the path creates seven concentric rings around the centre) is rich with symbolism. It draws on the mystical quality of the 7, a number of transformation and vision. In medieval times, the seven circuits were seen to correspond to the seven visible planets, and a walk in the labyrinth was a cosmic journey through the heavens. The seven circuits can also be seen to represent the days of the week, the chakras, colours, or musical tones.

Some research suggests that the geometric shape [of a labyrinth] produces an energy field that can heal ailments of the body and calm the mind. It balances thoughts with the presence of the body to the point where one stops thinking and the intuition of knowingness takes over.







We had this beautiful place to ourselves.
The scenery was amazing.


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