The Birds of the Costa Rain Forest at Tortuguero

On my 55th birthday, I crossed "photographing the birds of Costa Rica" off my bucket list.


I photographed this Northern Jacana as he flew by the boat. 

Yes it is out of focus, but for me, this photo is my favourite of the trip. 

I think it captures the spirit and mood of our vacation. 

We were in the heart of a rain forest, in the misty rain, with an infinite variety of birds flying by. 




More of the Jacana  





Juvenile Jacana 







A not so great photo of a Sungrebe. 
She swam further away and into the underbrush the closer we got.

Shy little thing she was.




belted kingfisher






green kingfisher






Tiger Heron
Living in Florida I have seen and photographed many herons.

This was a first to see a tiger heron.

Check out the wing span 

Below is  green heron 


A little blue heron on the left and a juvenile on the right.  The juvenile turns blue over time. 






Little Blue in flight.

That is not an extension of a tree branch.  It is a Potoo. 
Yup a bird that looks like a branch.  Amazing!!!





And since we are looking up and at the trees... 

A couple parrots.








A hawk 





Can you find the cuckoo?

 I couldn't but
I snapped the shot anyway.


Cherrie's Tanager

I read somewhere that the red tail feathers of the Cherrie's Tanager
is the brightest color of all bird feathers on a spectrophotometer
see more on my Volcano Lodge tanager page in the Costa Rica bird index





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