The Tanagers of Tortuga

On my 55th birthday, I crossed "photographing the birds of Costa Rica" off my bucket list.



Blue Gray Tanager 

One of my favourite shots of the trip.

She is such a pretty bird and she posed so nicely for me




There are 36 species of Tanagers in Costa Rica. 

No, I recently read there are 230 species of tropical and subtropical tanagers...

No I now just read there are 399 species of tanagers in the tropics.




I don't care the count. 

But I was impressed with the variety of tanagers we spied during our trip.

Above is a female summer tanager.

I had one in my back yard in Florida for a couple April's in a row.

When I reported this sighting to The Great American Bird Watch

they actually sent me an email asking me to confirm my sighting.

I sent them a photo and "Yes," they said. "You have a summer tanager" apparently rare for my area.















More Blue Gray Tanagers








What a beautiful bird.





Volcano Lodge had a plethora of tanagers as well.

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