Birds Around Tortuga Lodge

On my 55th birthday, I crossed "photographing the birds of Costa Rica" off my bucket list.



Before we even set foot on the Tortuga property,
this swallow was there to greet us.





He and his mate hung around the dock

and above our heads during meal time.












My first walk around the property literally left me speechless.


These olive-backed euphonia darted from tree to tree
egging me on to photograph them.






Above is male Olive Backed Euphonia 

note the yellow crown

Below is a female Olive Backed Euphonia 

note the red crown

Again, note the different colored crowns.


When I reported back to the room to tell Connie about them,

I could not spit out the words, I was so excited.




So I headed right back out.


(I hope I have identified these species correctly.)




blue-black grosbeakbeak male




blue-black grosbeak female

blue-black grosbeak male

I like this shot as it shows the lush plant life that the birds love so much


male and female in the grass


A good example why they call these guys seed eaters


Cocoa Woodcreeper




Northern Barred-Woodcreeper




Northern Barred-Woodcreeper


Northern Barred-Woodcreeper







chestnut-sided warbler





black vulture

Nicaraguan seed finch




Clay-colored robin



Montezuma  Oropendola



His nests.
They live in a community








Long-billed or Stripe-Throated Hermit Hummingbird 

Rufous-tailed hummingbird

Little Blue Heron 



Magnificent Frigate Bird 

This is two separate shots that I combined into one.


Great Egret 


Baltimore Oriole 



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