The Birds of Circle B

Circle B is a conservation area in Lakeland Fl. 

This is a highly popular location for photographers and hikers alike.

This page highlights a few of the bird we saw during a vist at dusk  in late January 2013.








While most people come here to see the larger birds, I made a point of watching the trees along the path for some of the smaller birds.

I think this is a gnatcatcher (above) and a pine warbler below







As we were leaving I spied an unusual wing shape so turned quickly and fired off a couple shots. 

I was not sure what it was until I got home and uploaded the picture.  Lo and behold a first for me...

peregrine falcon









Of course, the obligatory alligator shot.






Dusk is a great time to visit as the birds are coming in to roost for the night.

The lighting can be way cool as the sun is setting. 

I was impressed with these flocks of sandhill cranes flying overhead.



Look at the long legs dangling as the come in to land.










The roseate spoon bill is another favoured bird of the marsh.


They get their pink color from the algae they eat by swishing their bill from side to side.







This egret was fighting the spoonbill for territory.






Black Bellied Whistling Ducks were here in large numbers.





Compare the nice lines of the flight pattern of the cranes (below) with the whistling ducks above.





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